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Ginger On Your Window: How To Grow Ginger In Pots

Being an oriental plant, ginger doesn’t withstand low temperatures and frost, so it will be easier to grow it indoors.

We need a ginger root that has buds. It must be a healthy piece of ginger, so the plant can sprout.

Put the ginger root in a bowl with lukewarm water and let it soak overnight. This will help eliminate toxic substances that could be sprinkled on the ginger, but also to stimulate the sprouting. In the morning, cut the ginger root into several pieces, leaving a few buds for each piece (for the leaves that will come later).

We need a large pot to put a mixture of soil and compost. Plant 2-3 pieces of ginger root and cover them with a layer of soil of about 3 cm.

If cared properly, the first harvest can occur 8-10 months after planting. The plant can be removed from the ground and used as a spice or herb after four months, but the flavor and its properties will be weaker.

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