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4 Plants That Keep Mosquitoes and Flies Away

One of the most annoying problems in summer is related to flies or mosquitoes. When nothing seems to work, Mother Nature comes in help:

Here’s what plants repeal flies and mosquitoes:


Image Credits: Mommy Potamus

Insects hate the smell of basil, which is so strong that become both toxic to both flies and especially to mosquitoes.


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Crush a few mint leaves and put them in corners of the room or on the terrace. Spray the leaves with a little water to disperse the odor. Your home will have a fresh air and will be free from unfriendly mosquitoes.


Image Credits: Itervis

Put two to three garlic cloves in your doorway or put them on the closet. Garlic destroys all bacteria carried by flies and mosquitoes – in this way, these unwanted guests will remain without fuel and will perish.


Image Credits: Gardening Know How

Walnut leaves contain substances that asphyxiate the flies and scare the mosquitoes. Our grandmothers living in the country often picked walnut leaves and put them in the kitchen to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

Image Credits: Biconet

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