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Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of Voles In The Garden

The garden should be that place where you grow flowers or different varieties of vegetables, but what do you do if there are some living creatures that harm your plants, such as voles? They can damage your vegetable garden or can ruin your plants with their digging and chewing plant roots. Not to mention that they can crunch anything in their way.

How to get rid of voles with natural solutions

They are scared of strong smells such as garlic smell, or we can put in galleries garlic cloves, raw fish heads or cloths soaked in turpentine. Lavender is another great remedy to get rid of voles. Put lavender twigs into their galleries and you’ll send voles away.

Voles are also scared by strong noises. You can bury a piece of metal in the ground, and hit it daily with a hammer until voles won’t appear in that area.

If you don’t want to resort to these natural solutions to get rid of voles, than you can use harmful solutions such as poison or traps.

Image Credits: Youtube and Iesanluis

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