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Natural Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

A vegetable garden is an extension of any household, and you can create it at any season, as long as you have the right equipment. But, what do we do with pests?

In a vegetable garden there are many pests, and one of the worst but at the same cute, is the rabbit. However, there are some ways to drive them out. Try them until you find one that suits you to protect your vegetables.

1. Raise the soil bed somewhere between 30-60 cm above the ground. This will cause many problems for all rabbits who will try to penetrate the soil bed and help to reduce visibility. You can also try to surround the garden with a wired net to protect vegetables.
2. Spray with various flavors hated by rabbits, around the garden. Try to mix equal parts of water with powdered chili and sprinkle it over the plants and around them.
3. Go further by spraying predator urine around the garden. You can find it in online stores. Once rabbits feel this smell, they will think there are predators around and they will stop from attacking your garden.
4. Plant onion or clover in the vegetable garden. Clover is rabbit’s favorite and he will eat it first if you plant it around the vegetable garden, and onion isn’t on any rabbit taste.
5. Invest and install some motion detector switches if all other methods fail. If a rabbit approaches your garden, the motion detectors will feel it and start sprinkling water, scaring it.

Image Credits: Pestkill

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