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How To Water Your Plants And Crops During A Heat Wave

Extremely hot weather can be a real enemy for your crops and plants, because they can wilt. The soil will dry excessively, and the roots of plants won’t have with what to feed. That’s why, during heat, you have to pay special attention to plant watering. Vegetables, for example, need …

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Clever Tips And Tricks For Gardening On A Budget

Gardening is not very cheap, and if you do it for passion than you should read the following gardening tips on a budget. Buy gardening tools in autumn In spring and summer, gardening tools are very expensive because everyone is buying. In fall, sales begin, being the perfect time to …

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The Best Method to Grow Seeds Without Soil

The advantage of this method is that we do not need much space. In addition, we will not get dirty and we will save seeds, money and most importantly – time! It is a simple and brilliant method! First you need to cut polyethylene strips (you can also use plastic …

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