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How To Create A Green Paradise In Your Balcony. 5 Incredibly Simple Ideas

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If you live in an apartment building it does not mean you should be deprived of the joy of seeing a green corner full of colorful flowers when you drink your coffee. Nature has an incredible ability to develop harmoniously wherever she finds a loving environment, and you can create a real corner of paradise in your balcony with countless flowers and plants. We’ll show you how to do this.

How to place more pots

In order to create a real piece of heaven you need space, but the balconies are not very tenderers from this point of view. No problem, you can do it yourself instead! Make a gypsum structure that would reach the ceiling that has shelves for pots. You can place plants from bottom to top and you can enjoy the effect of a wall full of flowers.

Gypsum is a material very cheap and easy to handle. You need only the accessories and you can do it yourself the shelf for plants that will perfectly compliment the pots.

More green with creepers

Creepers are not just for large gardens, you can use them successfully in your balcony. Morning glory, flowing honeysuckle or carnations are some absolutely superb options that will fill your balcony with their beauty.

Hanging pots

Decorate the balcony with hanging pots full of flowers. If you have an open balcony, it would be a pity not to decorate the railing with colorful and fragrant flowers. It is an ideal place to locate a few pots.

Pay attention to varieties of plants you put in those pots because they must withstand low temperatures.

Extend the balcony with outdoor planters

The same principle of suspended pots can be applied for the outside of the balcony. You’ll find in the stores racks to fix the planters on outside of the balcony so you’ll enjoy them without using even one square centimeter from your balcony.

Put your creativity to work

Any old object in your home can turn into a flower shelf. You just need a little imagination! We mentioned earlier the creepers, an interesting idea would be to use a wooden old chair as the shelf for their growing strains.

An old suitcase can be easily transformed into a pot. The old bicycle that you haven’t used it for years? Put it in the balcony and decorate it with flower pots: will prove to be a great shelf for a unique garden. The more original the idea, the more spectacular the result will be.

You have plants in the balcony? Will you use any of the listed ideas to decorate your balcony?

Image Credits: Pixabay

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