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The Best Solutions For Treating Common Orchid Diseases

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These are the simplest solutions for treating orchid diseases. Although they seem exotic and exquisite, orchids are very easy to maintain. Those who love them and care for them know that there are solutions to all their problems, and they are very simple and easy to apply.

With nearly 25,000 species, the orchid family is the most numerous of flowering plants families.

Here are some of the most common problems and the solutions to overcome them.

Symptoms: The leaves are sticky, they have cobwebs or they are covered with tiny insects.

Cause: The plants are infested with aphids and red spider. They occur when the moisture level in the soil and in the air is too low.

Solution: Gently wash the leaves and apply a soap-based insecticide. Ensure optimal humidity by spraying water on the plant with a spray.

Symptoms: The petals blacken and the buds dry.

Cause: This is due to lack of air or a sudden decrease of temperature.

Solution: Quickly get the plant in an environment closer to the optimum ambience and remove the affected parts, to avoid spreading the disease.

Symptoms: Shriveled leaves and rotting roots.

Cause: Too much water.

Solution: Excess watering leads to root rotting and the plant dies of thirst. Orchid should be watered moderately in the morning, every 2-3 days or less. The solution is to remove the plant from the pot, to completely remove the soil and to cut all the affected roots. There are special solutions that stimulate root growth. You can use them. Repot the orchid in new soil (especially for orchids) based on pine bark.

Symptoms: Leaves attacked by pests

Cause: contamination from other plants or soil contamination.

Solution: The first step is to change the soil and to disinfect the pot. Prepare a solution of distilled water with cinnamon powder and spray this solution on the roots, leaves and stems. Cinnamon is a good disinfectant for plants, specifically for orchids.

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