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6 Tricks To Improve The Life Of Potted Plants

The life of potted plants doesn’t seem very complicated, but there are some simple tricks that can make it easier. The best part of the story is that if you improve the life of potted plants, you will give yourself a helping hand, because their care will be easier.

1. Plants should be watered constantly, and some potted plants are very sensitive if they don’t receive water when needed. A popular option is to put in the soil a plastic bottle of water upside down. The plant will consume as much water as it needs. The solution is good for periods of absence of about three or four days, for water-hungry plants.

2. For those who resist long time without water, the bathtub can turn into a terrarium. Put the pots in water, so they reach up to two fingers above the bottom of the vessel. The pots should be placed on a pebble or on a piece of wood for the water to reach the hole at the bottom of the pot.

3. Put two to three coffee filter papers at the base of the pot before putting sand or pebbles for drainage. This kind of paper is very durable, and allows fluid to pass and doesn’t allow the soil to pass in the dish drain. You will always have clean drain plates, debris-free and without molds.

4. If you’re one of those who drink filter coffee then put the full coffee content (after making coffee) at the base of the pot. This is an excellent fertilizer that creates very good water drainage and prevents some diseases of houseplants.

5. Put a piece of sponge at the base of the pot. It replaces the drainage sand, pebbles or filter paper. In addition, the sponge has the ability to absorb excess water, but will retain moisture for the time when the plant will require water.

6. Dry pinecones are also excellent for the foundation inside a pot. Choose dried cones, remove the seeds and grind them with a knife. The cones will vanish in time, but will provide a good source of minerals for plant and will prevent the formation of mold inside the pot.

Image Credits: Alive

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