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Top 10 Most Common Gardening Mistakes

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It is believed that these are the most common gardening mistakes. Most come because of inexperience or because of the desire of making plants grow faster.

1. Excessive watering

More water does not mean that plants feel better, on the contrary. Water the plants when the soil is dry on the surface, ideally every two or three days.

2. Exotic plants

They give your garden a special appearance and capture the admiration of all the guests, but first learn if they bear the soil type and the conditions of your garden. Anyway, for most of them, winter is a big challenge that only a few pass.

3. Wrong climate

Depending on climate conditions, you should know when to plant every flower in your backyard.

4. Excess fertilizer

Soil fertilization should be done carefully according to each plant needs.

5. Invasive plants

When you search about what you want to plant in the yard, search information about how big is the area your plant will stretch into adulthood, in order to have no surprises. Some plants can grow more than the allocated space, so it’s good to know beforehand.

6. Obsessive planting

Don’t create an obsession on every new plant you hear about and you propose to have it in your garden. It’s expensive, it requires time to care and more space.

7. Insect removal

Not all the insects in the garden are harmful, so you have to know which ones do well for your plants. For instance, some larger insects eat the smaller ones that are considered pests.

8. Overcrowding

Don’t overcrowd your garden because plants need air and space, and light as well. Even if it seems hard to believe, plants can be stressed and overcrowding may be a reason.

9. Neglecting the weeds

Do not forget to remove weeds and grass between the flowers, whether you choose to use only one glove or more utensils.

10. New seeds in old soil

If you add a layer of soil over the old one it does not mean that weeds will not find their way to the surface. Take care to remove them and to fertilize the soil before planting another flower.

Image Credits: The Prepper Project

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