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14 Surprising Benefits Of Houseplants On Your Health

Everyone knows that plants are great because they produce oxygen and they create a zen feeling in any environment. But did you know that they reduce stress, they fight diseases, they filter toxic substances from the air and they even get rid of headaches? Read on to find out about the surprising benefits that houseplants have on your health:

Plants fight colds

It has been found that indoor plants contribute on healing colds symptoms in a rate of 30%. This is due to the increased level of humidity in the air and because of the reduction of dust particles.

Plants contribute to your happiness

Houseplants contribute to wellbeing, inducing calm and optimism. Studies show that patients who see a flower garden through the hospital window is recovered faster than those who look to a dull wall.

Plants can remove toxic substances from the air

Chemicals substances, furniture, cleaning solutions or air fresheners can give a high degree of toxicity to your home. English ivy, peace lily and Australian fern are recognized for their outstanding action in purifying the air. In order to counteract the negative effects of household air pollution you must have at least one plant for every 10 square meters of your house.

Plants get rid of headaches

The researcher Kamal Meattle shows us in the video below how an arrangement made of three ordinary houseplants, placed in certain areas of the home or office, give fresh air.

Plants improve your mental health

Everyone has moments when he feels alone, depressed and without a purpose in life. These moments are easy to overcome when you have around you plants that show their beauty no matter how little attention you give them.

Plants lower blood pressure

Like cats or puppies, plants can lower your blood pressure levels. People who have plants in their home are less stressed.

Plants reduce carbon dioxide

You already know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Moreover, NASA uses plants in the International space station to improve air quality. US Environmental Protection Agency claims that, based on studies conducted over time, houseplants can counteract the negative effects of domestic air pollution such as headaches, dizziness and more.

Plants can be used as treatments

Besides purifying the air, Aloe can be used internally in a variety of conditions, such as hepatic problems, anemia, ulcers or low immunity. Moreover, the plant helps assimilate nutrients from food and supplements.

Plants prevent allergies

Children’s exposure to indoor plants helps them develop tolerance and immunity to allergens.

Plants can neutralize cigarette smoke

Smoke Free Forsyth website revealed that cigarettes contain no more than 4 000 chemicals. Did you know that arsenic, which is used to poison rats, or acetone which removes the nail polish are found in cigarettes? Peace lily plant is ideal for such houses; it purifies the air and protects you from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.

Plants can make your brain work more efficiently

Scientists from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences say that a plant placed in the working area can be a pleasant diversion from the intensity of your mental effort. Instead of checking your email or your Facebook account every few minutes, you rather admire the beauty and delicacy of a potted orchid. This visual break is enough to bring you into a state of concentration and will motivate you to go back to work.

Plants are natural humidifiers

The level of humidity inside the house should ideally be above 40%. Instead of purchasing a humidifier, choose two potted plants and see the benefits.

Plants can improve your sleep

Lavender is an herb known for its strong scent. Its flavor reduces pulse and blood pressure and finally induces drowsiness. Lavender has a surprising effect on babies – it relaxes them, extending their sleep.

Plants can relax your body

Mint calms the stomach; more specifically, mint tea can be used to reduce nausea and morning sickness. A faster alternative is to chew fresh mint leaf directly from the pot.

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