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9 Best Low Light Houseplants That Are Easy To Grow

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Plants that grow in low light are a true miracle for dark rooms where sunlight scarcely reaches. These plants feel great in the shade or in dimly lit places. The beauty of these plants lies not in their flower, but in their very large and highly pigmented leaves.

Calathea (Peacok Plant/ Zebra Plant)

Has beautifully leaves that make this plant to be desired in any room. But do not forget that sunlight trouble her, so the plant must be kept in a shady place and away from drafts.

Dieffenbachia (Leopard Lily)

Diffused light is best suited for this plant. Dieffenbachia plant is particularly beautiful especially in spring and summer when young and bright leaves appear in the center of the plant.

Dracaena Marginata

This plant is particularly appreciated for its exotic appearance. But keep the plant away from sunlight. Sunlight is not doing well, and the best place for it is a shady one.

Chlorophytum comosum or Spider Plant

This is one of the most popular indoor plants. She can live a long time without the sun, in a place with little light. It helps purifying the air in the room.

Helxine or Soleirolia

Is a plant with small leaves that look wonderful in hanging pots or in the vicinity of large plants. Attention, however, don’t place it next to small plants because it will suffocate them. All you need is frequent watering by spraying.


This tropical plant grows even with artificial light. It thrives in high humidity conditions, and the bathroom is one of the rooms suitable for this plant.


Aglaonema is one of the best options for a room with low light. It is also ideal for novice gardeners.

Sansevieria trifasciata (Snake Plant/ Mother-in-Law Plant)

This is a very easy to care houseplants. Little light helps her grow, but she can live very well in the dark.

Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant)

This plant stands very well the low light, the heat and cold. But you have to have some patience, because it grows very slowly.

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