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10 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy And Beautiful Garden

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Experienced gardeners know that it takes a few tricks in order to have beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables.

Some of these gardening secrets are making furor among those who want to have reliable results and healthy plants. We are talking about practical solutions that are easy to apply and their testing involves no risk.

1. Keep the banana peels and dry them in the sun. Chop them and place them at the base of tomato plants because they will boost the growth of juicy tomatoes.

2. Lay newspaper pages around the plant, then cover them with soil or mulch. Weeds will no longer invade the garden and the flowers and vegetables will grow more vigorous.

3. Put garlic and onion peels in a jar and cover them with water. Let them sit 1 week and spray the content in areas exposed to invasions of aphids (lice) or spiders. This solution will eliminate these pests.

4. If you want to get rid of snails, put a larger container filled with beer in places where you have problems. The snails will drown in the liquid and you only need to throw away the content of the bowls.

5. If you want a healthy cabbage crop, just sprinkle cinnamon over the young plant in order to “scare” the worms that will love to devour the young leaves.

6. Garden tools “polished” with car wax will be easy cleaned of mud.

7. Always start planning a garden with a paper sketch with the division of parcels. Big plants are placed in the rear, while the “dwarfs” should have reserved seats on the front layers.

8. The soil is the most important element that can provide a wealthy crop. A soil analysis is recommended even for amateur gardeners.

9. An effective insecticide can be easily prepared by mixing two tablespoons of liquid soap with a gallon (3.7 liters) of water. The solution is especially good for removing aphids.

10. Vinegar is “an antidote” for weeds far better than many other treatments you can find in big stores that sell garden equipment. However, it should be sprinkled with great care because acetic acid can irreparably affect vegetables. Vinegar is recommended for cracks in cement where unwanted weeds pop up.

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