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How to Get Rid of Moles and Gophers in Your Yard Without Chemicals

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If you have a garden is impossible not to ask yourself how to get rid of moles and gophers, without poisons and chemicals if possible. There is a perfect solution that chases away moles and gophers. These mammals consider that this substance has a repulsive smell so they will leave and never come back.

Prior to chasing away these mammals, it is good to know that moles are not affecting crops and plant roots. Moles do not eat plants but just snails, larvae and earthworms. The molehills are a particularly fertile soil mixed with organic waste and are rich in nitrogen. Unfortunately, molehills are unsightly and spoil the look of the garden.

In addition, the tunnels they make, which can be a problem because the soil can fail in some places or may dry up the plants, contribute to soil aeration, preventing a lot of potential pests.

Gophers are those who damage the garden because they eat plant roots. Gopher mounds are different from the molehills, usually they have a hole on the side, and the soil is not so minced as one made by moles.

There are major differences between moles and gophers. The moles deserve to share the garden with you, because they are useful, while gophers must be removed. Moles and gophers are both sensitive to same natural agents, so if you get rid of gophers, the moles will leave too.



Castor oil or castor granules are the best natural way to get rid of moles and gophers. Castor oil doesn’t harm the moles and gophers, but these little mammals can’t stand the smell at all and will leave without looking back.

Put castor granules near the molehills. Put them best before rain or water the area a little after applying the granules. You can also use castor oil mixed with water in equal parts. A few tablespoons are enough.

Apply castor oil or castor granules only on three sides of the garden in order to let them a free path to get out, otherwise they will get stuck in the garden. Treatment can be repeated two or three times. Do not get discouraged if you don’t get maximum results in the first attempt. Continue the castor-based treatment, the only condition being that the amount of castor oil solution to be bigger and more concentrated than the previous treatment.

Buy castor oil only from pharmacies. Any other solution containing castor from sources other than pharmacies are highly toxic.

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