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Most Effective Methods to Get Rid of Chiggers Naturally

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Getting rid of chiggers is an important issue in your yard. These nasty insects parasitize both animals and humans and are responsible for the transmission of dangerous diseases as babesia in dogs or Lyme disease in humans. For these reasons it is important both to prevent and especially to get rid of chiggers because they multiply rapidly – one female adult consumes at least 0.6 ml blood and lays at least 10,000 eggs.

There are numerous chemical solutions available to protect your pet shelter from chigger infestation. However the application of these substances brings a number of contraindications. If you do not want to expose your pet to risks, you can choose natural solutions to get rid of chiggers.

1. Rosemary infusion bath

For small pets we recommended rosemary infusion. You need to boil 300 grams of fresh rosemary leaves. After boiling, turn off the heat and let the infusion cool until it reaches the optimum temperature for bathing.
Rosemary solution will protect your pets from chiggers, and keep in mind that this plant is a powerful flea repellent.

2. Lemon-based spraying solution

You need a big enough lemon. Cut the lemon into pieces and put it in boiling water. For greater efficiency, leave this solution to infuse until morning (at least 12 hours). Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on your pet’s fur.
When applying this solution it is important to avoid the eye area because it may cause burnings.

3. Lavender essential oil spray

Essential oils are among the oldest solutions to remove chiggers. Apply 2 drops of lavender essential oil to the tail and neck of your pet.

4. Essential oil of marigold, eucalyptus and marjoram

In 2008, scientists at the Royal Institute of Technology found that marigold oil is 90-100% effective in getting rid of chiggers. Also, marjoram kills chiggers on cattle due to a substance called carvacrol and which is found in large quantities in the plant.

Solutions containing carvacrol in a proportion of more than 25% kill chiggers in less than 24 hours.

5. Geranium essential oil

The essential oil extracted from Geranium’s leaves has been used since ancient times as a natural antibacterial agent, being one of the most popular means to control chigger infestation.
Apply the essential oil to areas where were chigger may hide. Beware that Geranium essential oil is not recommended for cats because it is toxic to these animals.

6. Flowers with a repellent effect for ticks

For extra protection against chiggers, you can grow a number of plants that will help you get rid of this parasite. The list includes geraniums, rosemary, marigold, basil and mint.
Place these flowers in your garden or inside the house because they will protect you and your animals from chigger attacks during summer.

7. Guinea fowl

If you can, raise a few guinea fowl in your yard. These little birds are known to be fond of chiggers. If you have a major problem with these insects, do not expect that these birds to eat them all, but they can make a difference in time.
The only problem you’ll have with these birds is that they are noisy!

Image Credits: An American Homestead

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