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How To Make And Use Natural Compost For Potted And Garden Plants

The secret of growing vigorous plants, which won’t stop flourishing, lays in rich mineral nutrition. You don’t have to look for any divine solution through florists, just use ingredients from your kitchen.

Egg shells
Plants need calcium too during growth to develop strong roots. In addition, calcium helps them to retain potassium, a substance that contributes later branches growth.

Potted plants: add 1 teaspoon of finely crushed egg shells to the ground whenever you plant a new flower.
In the garden: in autumn and winter, scatter egg shells among the layers of vegetables and flowers, because in spring, you’ll dig them with the earth, and it will feed the roots of the plants.

Coffee grounds
It is an excellent fertilizer, but you must use it with measure and only for certain flowers. 2 to 3 teaspoons in early summer and autumn are enough for potted plants. For garden plants add a bigger amount to dig it along with earth.

Potted plants: only for plants that love acidic soils, such as azalea, camelia, gardenia, citrus, anthurium, gloxinia or African violet.
In the garden: coffee grounds are great for primers, hydrangeas, roses, melons and potatoes.
Also, coffee grounds are a good slug and snail repellent, and if it molds during the rainy days won’t damage your plants.

Apple vinegar
Add 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar in a liter of water when you water the Chinese rose or azalea. Use this solution once or twice a month only when you notice that plant leaves have lost their brightness.
Potted plants: use it with caution for woody plants and those that prefer acidic soil.
In the garden: one liter of vinegar solution is good at the root of roses and hydrangeas, once a month.

Image Credits: Tattooedmartha and Depositphoto

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