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Beginner’s Guide To Plant Low-Calorie Vegetables In The Garden

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Vegetables are some of the healthiest foods, rich in minerals and vitamins and low in calories. So, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle, vegetables shouldn’t miss from your garden. Below you have a list of veggies very poor in calories that should grow in your garden.

1. In 100 grams of lettuce there are only 15 calories. In addition, they are very rich in vitamins A and C, but also have a rich iron, protein and fiber amount.
You can plant them by spreading its seeds in a well-drained soil. Leave a distance of 20 cm between lettuces. Plant them in shaded places.

2. Another healthy vegetable with a low calorie content is celery. In 110 grams there are 18 calories, and it’s the best calcium and vitamin A source.
Celery is a root vegetable that prefers moist and well-drained soils. It is multiplied by seeds, which must be planted in partially shady places. It is recommended that once a month, to put organic fertilizer containing potassium, minerals that this plant needs in order to develop harmoniously. Plants need a distance of 30 centimeters between them.

3. In 104 grams of cucumbers there are 16 calories, and over 90% of their content is water.
These vegetables need a well-drained soil and should be watered regularly, especially during periods of drought, but be careful not to water them in excess, because their roots may rot. They need a lot of light and must be planted in sunny places in the garden. If you planted climbing cucumber, make sure to put some stakes, so that they should stretch out.

4. These delicious, tasteful, little bittersweet vegetables contain 19 calories per 116 grams and offer you 29% of daily vitamin C needs. They also have a high content of sodium, magnesium, fiber and vitamin B6.
They are multiplied by seeds, which you have to put in nests, about 10 centimeters away from each other. They prefer wet soils, so you have to wipe them three or four times a week. You have to plant them in sunny places, but they can also adapt to partially shaded areas of the garden.

Image Credits: Top10remedies and Gardeningknowhow

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