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Grow Healthy Plants With Egg Shells And Hard-Boiled Egg Water

The water where you’ve boiled the eggs is extremely beneficial to the plants. Few are those who know this, and most of the time this water is thrown away.

And this is a mistake you shouldn’t repeat anymore, because this water is an organic fertilizer with the perfect amount of calcium to strengthen the plant’s roots. Also, as the eggshell, while it boils, releases mineral salts, so necessary for the soil.

So, to take advantages of these water’s properties, water your plants at least once a month with this organic fertilizer, but not before letting it cool at room temperature.

Egg shells just as beneficial as the boiled egg water

Egg shells are beneficial for your garden, and here’s how you can use them:

Egg shells can be successfully added to compost preparation.

You can also use them as a fertilizer for tomatoes, eggplants or peppers, but after they are very finely crushed. Calcium in egg shells will protect crops health, avoiding withering.

Egg shells can also be used successfully to get rid of slugs or snails. All you have to do is put the egg shells and put crush eggshells and put them around the plants you want to protect from these pests.

Image Credits: Linkedin and Wikihow

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