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How To Care And Maintain For Gardening Tools And Make Them Last Longer

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Gardening tools need special care not to rust over winter. That’s if you don’t want to buy new gardening tools in the spring. Here are some useful tips to take care of your gardening tools over winter.

Clean and disinfect the tools
Once you know that you will no longer use the tools, clean them very well to remove any trace of dirt. Residues left on their surface can develop bacteria that will end up in the garden, affecting your crops. This is the main reason to disinfect your tools after washing them. For this operation you can use rubbing alcohol mixed with water.
For the lawnmower or other gardening tools, you need to pay more attention when it comes to cleaning. These cleaning should be done periodically, because they keep moisture for longer periods, and rust is more prone to appear on them. Don’t forget that after each cleaning and disinfection, to wipe them with a dry cloth.

Protect gardening tools from rust
Proper washing and disinfection of gardening equipment is not enough. In order to avoid rust in the cold season, it is advisable to clean them with a cloth soaked in gasoline before storing them in the warehouse. This will prevent moisture from affecting the wood or causing damage to the metal.

Store the materials in a dry place
Never leave the tools in a place where they are exposed directly to moisture. Store them in a warehouse where they are protected from rain and snow, but also from very cold temperatures. Also, don’t let them on the floor. You better hang them on the walls.

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