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How To Get Rid Of A Swarm Of Bees Without Being Stung

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The presence of bees swarm in your garden or around your house is real danger for your family. These insects can get very aggressive if they feel threatened. That’s why you should get rid of a swarm of bees as soon as possible.

Safety measures
Before going to “attack” them, make sure they can’t pinch you. Take on you a thick jacket and a thick pair of jeans, not to get stung by bees. Also, wear a pair of rubber gloves.
Cover your head with a hat and add a large piece of gauze to cover your entire face. Make sure that you are well covered so that the bees can’t get inside the gauze.

If you are allergic to the bee’s sting, call a specialist to do this for you.

When you can act
Bees and wasps are active from dawn until dark. At night they are not active, but if they are disturbed they can attack even in the dark. However, get rid of them at night when they can’t see you.
Watch them during the day to see where they have the nest, and at night go to their nest with a flashlight covered with a transparent-red piece of silk, because wasps and bees can’t see this color.

How to get rid of a wasp/bees swarm
Use a spray insecticide, and spray inside the nest from a long distance. Remember not to stay under the nest when you do this procedure.

Leave immediately the area and come back after 30 minutes to spray insecticide again. Make sure you apply the spray on the entire surface of the nest. Leave the place again for 30 minutes then, with the help of a stick, put the nest down. Now most of the bees/wasps are dead, and you can act safely but don’t give up wearing the protection suit.

Burn the swarm bees, and the next morning clean well the area of dead insects and wax. Spray insecticide again over the area where you’ve burnt the nest.
The thorough cleaning of the place where the swarm of bees was is very important because the nest can attract other bee colonies.

Image Credits: Getridofthings and Instructables

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