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How To Make Organic Compost At Home

Composting is a simple process that any gardener can do. In addition, composting is beneficial to the garden because it improves soil structure by encouraging ventilation, helps to retain water in the soil, and plants are less exposed to diseases and pests.

What do you need for compost preparation?

Materials with high nitrogen content:

– vegetable debris
– grass clippings
– the mowed lawn grass
– weeds
– manure
– coffee grounds

High Carbon Materials:

– sawdust
– tree bark
– dry leaves
– cardboard and chopped newspapers
– straws
– ash 2-3 kg / m3

What you need to keep in mind when composting
The ratio of carbon to nitrogen is recommended to be 30: 1 for a quick decomposition. The more you increase the nitrogen ratio, the decomposition will last longer.

Composting is done in a container (preferably wood) that ensures good ventilation. Otherwise the bacteria developed will lead to the rotting of residues, causing a scent that is hard to bear.
The humidity of the materials used must be around 40-50%.

Careful! Never put the following ingredients in the compost:
– meat and / or bones
– plastic
– glass
– metal

Image Credits: Thedirtbag and Handyman

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