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How To Water Your Plants And Crops During A Heat Wave

Extremely hot weather can be a real enemy for your crops and plants, because they can wilt. The soil will dry excessively, and the roots of plants won’t have with what to feed. That’s why, during heat, you have to pay special attention to plant watering.

Vegetables, for example, need water to grow for a generous harvest. When the temperatures are very high, and you don’t wet the plants, they tend to get a bitter taste and become very woody.
Excessive watering isn’t a solution either. If the soil is too wet, the roots of vegetables can be oxygen-free, leading to plant death.

How to water the vegetables on heat
There is no specification when you should water your plants and crops. Usually, you should wet them thoroughly every 3-7 days during summer, and every 5-10 days during spring and fall.

Roots should always be wet
During hot weather, the best way to keep crops and plants healthy is to water them as much as allowing the roots to get wet. It is not advisable to water too much.

Get rid of weeds
The weeds have to be removed from your garden during heat, because their roots grow a lot, searching for water. Weeds will extend their roots so much that they will reach the crop area, “drinking” even, the last drop of water.

Add compost
Just as you need vitamins to strengthen your immune system, so plants need, especially on hot weather, when they don’t find too much water in the soil. Add compost to the roots of plants, and water the area so that the nutrients in the compost reach the roots.

Wet the vegetables early in the morning
In the morning, before sunrise, is the best time to water your plants. The amount of water will help your crops to survive during heat.

Wet the vegetables even when it rains
After a long period of heat, when soil dried too much, not even a summer rain can be enough to replace water deficiency. That’s why gardening specialists recommend watering the crops even when it’s raining. It sounds weird, but your act has a beneficial effect for crops, especially if it’s a short rainy day.

Don’t sprinkle water on vegetables during the day
It is not advisable to sprinkle water on your crops during the day, even if you think it’s best for them, you’ll end up harming them. Dry air and strong sunrays can burn the leaves leading to their wilting.

Image Credits: Learn.eartheasy

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