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5 Indoor Plants You Can Grow Without Special Care

You love indoor plants so much but you can’t take care of them. Well, the below list of indoor plants won’t require much time to take of them or too much effort. You just need to purchase them.
There are indoor plants that are less expensive and don’t require frequent care or special conditions.

1. Cactus
Cactus is the ideal plant, especially when you go on holiday, because you don’t have to water them frequently. Normally, during summer, the cactus must be watered twice a week (only when the soil is completely dry).

2. Good-luck bamboo
According to Feng Shui tradition, bamboo is a lucky plant that attracts prosperity and happiness into your home. Bamboo is light-lover and can have different shapes, usually spiral.

3. Impatiens
This plant has small, brightly colored flowers. It can be obtained from seedlings. This plant loves light and wet soil and is one of the most resistant indoor plants. It is considered a plant that brings prosperity in any home.

4. Aloe vera
Aloe vera is a plant known for its curative properties. You don’t have to water it daily, and it grows very beautiful at room temperature.
It grows quickly, it doesn’t require special soil and it contributes in purifying the air in your home.

5. Dracaena
It has a wooden stem, long leaves and it can also be watered once a week when the soil is dry. All that it needs is light, and on hot weather sprinkle water on its leaves. It grows perfectly in shades, only slower.

Image Credits: Proflowers

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