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Complete Beginner’s Guide To Grow Aloe Vera In Pots

Having an Aloe Vera plant in your home is recommended, especially if you want to purify the air in the house or to use it in curative remedies.

Here’s what you need to know about Aloe Vera to be sure you give it the best care in your home:

You can plant Aloe Vera in pots and keep it in the house. Be careful that this plant can’t bare low temperatures, instead high summer temperatures are its favorite.

Attention, however, Aloe Vera doesn’t prefer the direct sunlight, so a bright area unexposed to direct sunrays, will be the best ingredients for its growth.

You should also keep in mind that Aloe Vera tends to grow rapidly in a warm environment, which means that the plant’s pot has to be in a position to provide a normal root development.

Also, it is recommended to grow the plant in a ceramic pot to ensure the drainage of the water.
Aloe Vera prefers a dry soil to allow water to drain away quickly, so it is best to use the soil recommended for cactus or sandy soil to provide the potted plant the best condition for its growth.

If you want to help its growth, you can add compost to the soil, and the best time to fertilize the soil is spring.
Plant’s watering can be a complicated task for a beginner gardener. Don’t rush to water the plant every few days, because you’ll overwater it. During summer is enough one watering per week, and before watering it you have to make sure the land is completely dry.

In winter, it will be enough to water the plant once every two or three weeks, because that it’s plant’s hibernation schedule, and it doesn’t consume much water.

Plant’s health is easy to follow. If its leaves become brownish, it means that the plant stood too much in the sun. If they start to hang in a worrying way, it means they don’t have enough light. And when it seems to you that Aloe Vera doesn’t show signs of growth, you should change the pot or to add some compost to give it force to grow.

Image Credits: Livinghours

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