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How To Save A Potted Plant From Dying? Step-By-Step Instructions

Have you forgotten to water your plant or suddenly starts to wilt? Don’t throw it away thinking that you lost it! You can save its life by using simple tricks. Here’s what you need to do!

Remove dry leaves
The first step you need to do is to remove all dry leaves. Before cutting or breaking the leaves, check if there are green buds at the base of the root, and avoid cutting them, because the new leaves will grow from here.

Change the pot and the soil
The next step is to change the pot and the soil in which you planted the flower. Purchase a new pot and wash it thoroughly before adding the soil to destroy any bacteria that can harm the plant. Be careful to buy a soil suitable for the type of plant that needs “CPR”.

Check the stem and roots
Before moving the plant into the other pot, check carefully the stem and root.
The branches or stems that are wilted or dried should be cut. Also, the main root must be checked by cutting. Start cutting just a little, until you reach the green side of the plant. You will see that in a month the plant will get back to life and the branches will grow again.

Then remove the soil from the roots of the plant, and rinse them carefully with water. Then check the roots and remove the dried or diseased ones.
Plant the new plant in the new pot and secure its water supply. Then let it come back to life by watering it regularly.

Provide the plant the nutrients it needs
Like humans, plants need nutrients for good development and growth. So you can provide your plant with the nutrients it needs by adding fertilizer to the soil (be sure to choose the right soil for your plant) or add to the soil coffee grounds or crushed eggshells.

Image Credits: Thespurce and Howplants

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