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Mosquito Repellent Plants You Can Plant Both In The Garden And Pots

Warm weather brings joy and happiness, and also a few unpleasant situations such as mosquitoes. They are everywhere, and their bite causes skin rashes and inflammation. The good news is that there are natural solutions to get rid of mosquitoes without having to resort to toxic and chemical substances.

Below, you have a list with mosquito repellent plants, great to keep mosquitoes away from your garden and house.

1. Mint – because of the strong smell, a few insects can get closer, and if mosquitoes bite you, this is the perfect remedy to get rid of them and to reduce the itch. So, plant mint in your garden to keep this insects away.

2. Basil – just like mint, the basil smell keeps mosquitoes away, and it can also be used in food and beverages. We really recommend you to use it as often as possible!

3. Lavender – The advantage of this plant, besides its very pleasant smell and the anti-stress effect, is that you can plant it both in the balcony and in the garden. Thus, you can keep mosquitoes far away from home.

4. Lemon – as the plants above, mosquitoes can stand the smell of this plant. And you can plant it in the garden, or in pots to keep it on the balcony.

5. Marigold – is an excellent choice for the garden. These flowers also contain Pyrethrum, an ingredient found in most anti-mosquito products. Ideal is to plant them near the fence, like a barrier for mosquitoes not to pass.

6. Rosemary – another beautiful plant, which can be planted both in pots and in the garden. And the great thing about it is that you can add it in your dishes.

7. Garlic – Unfortunately, for those who love to eat garlic, it doesn’t have an effect against mosquitoes when consumed, but it is very effective when planted in the garden.

These are some anti-mosquito remedies very handful. Besides plants, essential oils such as mint, lavender, black pepper, lemon or lemon juice can be used to rid of these tiny insects.

Image Credits: Pesthacks

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