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6 Amazing Homemade Pesticides That Will Definitely Send Insects Away From The Garden

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Instead on spending serious money on chemical pesticides which are very harmful for your family’s health, choose using natural pesticides. Lately, most gardeners choose organic pesticides to grow organic crops, and their feedback was positive. Learn how to prepare your own pesticides to get rid of a various number of pests in your garden.

1. Soap solution (liquid soap + water) – against aphids and other small insects. If you find soap made from potassium hydroxide – KOH, the effect will be bigger. Mix soap with water until it forms a foam (in areas with hard water you must use a bigger amount of soap.
2. Oil-based sprays choke insects. Boil 1 kg of soap in 8 liters of oil (or 1 part soap to 8 parts of oil), stirring until it dissolves. Dilute 1:20 with water before use. Use this spray only on cool days.
3. Spray made from tomato leaves (very poisonous) – general insecticide. Put some tomato leaves in a pot and add water to cover them. Put them to boil. Leave it to cool then use this mixture by spraying over the plants to get rid of insects.
4. Daisy spray – general insecticide. Collect daisy flowers and dry them in a cool place. Put in a bowl a few tablespoons of dried flowers and add wine, enough to cover them. Let it stand overnight and mix it the next day with 1 l of hot soap solution. Let it cool again and use it in the next few days. Keep it in a dry place.
5. Wormwood spray. Pour hot water over the wormwood leaves and let them infuse for a few hours. Make a 1: 4 dilution, and use the solution against insects that suck plant savoy.
6. Chili solution against caterpillars. Put in the blender equal amounts of chili (red hot peppers) and water, and with the resulting solution, spray immediately where you see the caterpillars. (Avoid eye and skin contact – use gloves).

Image Credits: Greenideupveg

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