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How To Get Rid Of Black Sooty Mold And Powdery Mildew On Plants

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Plant lice or aphids leave a sweet liquid, and this is sought by ants that feed on it. In this way, the ants will carry it all over the tree or on the whole plant. This sweet liquid favors the appearance of black mold or plant’s fungus which looks like black powder. It spreads all over the plant’s leaf and root. And if you can’t control or get rid of aphids, use the following homemade solutions to get rid of plant’s mold and mildew.

Homemade pesticides to get rid of mold on plants

1. Add 1 liter of whole milk in an 8 liter (sprinkler) container and fill it with water. Sprinkle this liquid over the roses or other plants affected by mold or mildew, and those black stains will disappear.

2. Or you can prepare a puree from 3 fresh green peppers (fresh or preserved) and 2-3 garlic cloves. You can place them in a blender. Add over this puree 3/4 teaspoon of liquid soap and 3 cups of water and allow it to stand for 24 hours. Strain this mixture through a piece of gauze, and spray the obtained liquid over the plants, taking care that the liquid to cover the entire surface of plants, especially the molded area.

Image Credits: Extension and Growveg

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