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Pest-Friendly Solutions To Get Rid Of Moles In The Garden

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First of all we should know that moles are useful pests, because they can get you rid of other harmful insects and their larvae which are feeding with the roots of your plants.

Moles are rather disturbing than harmful, because they create in the middle of the lawn some unsightly molehills. And, in other cases they destroy young plants with their digging.

Effective and chemical-free methods to get rid of moles in the garden:

– low frequency sound transmitters with less than 1000 Hz frequency;
– introduce cloths soaked in oil or turpentine, because the penetrating smell will send moles away;
– mothballs introduced in moles gallery;
– castor oil – dilute 10 ml of castor oil in 100 liters of water, and water the soil in the garden. It’s not useful to get rid of moles, but it you’ll get rid of insects and larvae that moles are eating;
– chicken shit – fill half a bucket with chicken shit than add water over it until you fill the bucket. Pour this magic potion into the molehill;
– place in every molehill fresh fir tree branches, because the strong smell will send moles away;
– introducing into the gallery of fresh lavender flowers, because the strong scent will disturb moles and this way you’ll get rid of them.

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