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How To Take Care Of Orchids To Bloom All Year

If someone offered you an orchid or you bought one from the flower store, don’t throw it after the flowers wilted and fallen, and no way try to move it into the ground! These plants need transparent pots and a bark mixture that you find in stores. For a while, leave it in the original pot, and if it’s needed, you’ll change it with the bark.
Until then, here’s what you need to be careful for when looking after orchids:

In nature, orchids grow due to temperature changes between day and night. That’s why you have to place it in a area where the temperature is colder during night than the during the day. It would be best to keep it at the window. That particular place should be always airy, because orchids love fresh air. But beware! Their rod is fragile, and it’s not a good idea to keep them in a windy place.

The light
Orchids love light. Some species need more light, others – less. That’s why it’s ideal to put it about 20-30 cm from a window. You also need a fine curtain to keep the burning sun rays away from it!

Watering and humidity
Watering frequency depends on where you keep it. The warmer it is, the more it needs water. To know exactly, take the pot in your hand and, if it’s easy, put the orchid for a few minutes in a bigger water pot. When it stops bubbling, remove it and allow the water to drain before putting it back. Don’t let water to stay at the base of the plant. It would be good if the water wouldn’t be so mineralized. The best water to use for orchids is rain water. Water your orchid only in the morning.

Cutting the rods, and transplanting the orchids
After all the flowers have fallen (as they wither, detach them carefully) let the plant rest for a few days before splitting the rod. Then count from the base of the rod, two-three knots, and cut with a knife above the knot. Two or three weeks later, a new rod will grow. Usually the second bloom appears later. If the roots are bigger than the pot, you have to change it. Cut the dried roots first and then put it in a larger pot, with special bark, and sow the plant well. Place stones on the bottom of the pot or some clay balls. This operation is done when your orchid doesn’t have flowers, about once every two years.

Image Credits: Robertsonsflowers

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