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How To Bring Back To Life Orchids With Rotten Rots

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Orchid is considered a pretentious plant, especially for those who never have had an orchid, because their roots can rot. Orchids prefer constant temperatures, light and humidity. During the warm period they grow very well.
The hardest time to take care of orchids is in the cold period. The plant stagnates and consumes fewer nutrients and water. During this period the orchid needs special care, otherwise the roots will rot.
If the plant starts to wilt and the water doesn’t help it, you need to act immediately. Examine the plant carefully, especially the roots.

Healthy roots are strong, with a smooth surface. If the roots are brighter in color means that the plant is young, and if you put the roots into the water it will become green.

Old roots are gray or brown, and the rotten ones must be removed.

Signs of rot or fungal infection are:

– dark color
– dark and damp spots
– water is dripping under pressure
– thready appearance

The rotten and dry roots should be cut. The loss of 2-3 roots doesn’t affect a well-groomed plant.
The cuts of roots are necessarily processed with activated charcoal or cinnamon powder. After they dry a little, put them for 10-15 minutes in a fungicide solution. This will reduce the risk of further illness. Treat the remaining roots with nutrients.

Reanimation of orchid in domestic conditions
Do not throw the orchid without roots! Tropical plants, if they are well-groomed, are very resistant. Florists recommend 3 ways to reanimate the plant:

– in the greenhouse
– without greenhouse with regular hydration and ventilation
– planting in regular soil

If the orchid has healthy roots, then it is planted in fresh soil. If the plant that lost 60% of the roots restores in a month, then the rootless one needs special care for one year.

Choosing the right care depends on:

– plant status
– the number and appearance of the leaves
– the existence of root sprouts

A solar constantly humid and comfortable temperature will save a wilted orchid or even one without roots.
The diseased orchid is planted in a container where you will put a thin layer of keramzite, then a layer of saphenous moss, treated with hot water in advance. The plant is placed in the wet substrate. Until the first roots appear 3-5 cm, the plant will be kept under the following conditions:

– temperature 22-28 ° C
– humidity 70-100%
– intense lighting for 12-14 hours a day

Lower temperatures of 20 and above 33 degrees Celsius will stop roots growing and favor the development of pathogenic flora and fungi.

If all the roots of the orchid rot, you will save it only by proper care in the sun. Water the soil as needed. Ventilate the sun at night, because the air is rich in carbon dioxide and favors the growth of new roots.
After 10-14 days, the first roots will be observed. When the roots will have 3-4 cm the plant grows in the usual soil.

Reanimation of orchid without a greenhouse

Caring for the orchid in a glass bowl
The previously treated plant is placed in a glass jar. Daily the orchid is kept in boiling water, cooled or filtered for 6 hours. Drain the water afterwards and let the plant to dry until morning.

Orchid can also be reanimated in water with honey or sugar. To one liter of water add a teaspoon of honey or sugar syrup. As nutrients, use special complex fertilizers in a low concentration and iron additions.

The plant that has not lost all the roots is fed as usually. The missing roots can be restored by planting the plant in a 6-8 cm diameter pot with normal soil. Provide light for 12 hours in a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius. At night, keep the same temperature but the humidity must be high.

Orchid with few roots is planted in a small pot. For watering, use the drip irrigation system or put the pot in water. The flower is wet again only after the soil has dried. New roots begin to grow over 1-4 weeks.

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