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How To Save A Potted Orchid From Dying

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Orchids are some of the best-selling pot flower. Whether you bought it or received it as a gift, you must know that an orchid is not a very pretentious plant but has strict caring rules that must be respected.

Often, from the desire of taking care of these plants carefully, most of orchid lovers water these flowers excessively, move them from their original pot or apply too many treatments, which can lead to the loss of the plant. If you face with a wilted orchid, you must know that there are a few ways to bring it back to life.

The first cause that affects badly the orchid is excessive watering. It is extremely dangerous to drown too much the orchid substrate because we endanger the health of the beautiful plant. When we pour too much water, it prevents oxygen from penetrating into the roots. In addition, when we expose the roots to excess water they will rot and will not be able to absorb the nutrients nor even the water.

The orchid shows us when it is excessively watered and the first visible signs are the leaves that are heavily growing and they become yellow. The good part is that if you made this mistake, there are chances to save the orchid but only if it has at least some roots that aren’t rot.

The steps to revitalize an orchid that has been excessively watered:

1. Put the orchid with the pot on one side and remove the roots from the bowl, and then clean the compost.
2. Disinfect the blades of a pruning shears in alcohol. Analyze the roots and cut off those that have rotted.
3. Drain the water on pot plate, and then wash both containers. Be careful to remove and dry them for the next step.
4. In a container (possibly a sieve), mix the orchid soil with tap water. Also make sure that the excess water drains from the container.
5. Fill the first 3 cm of the bottom of the pot with wet soil, and then place the plant in the pot. Then add compost over the roots.
6. Put the orchid in its usual place. From now on, wipe the plant only when the ground in the first layers (3-6 cm) is dry. Also, remove the excess water that is draining into the plate under the pot.

From now on, water the orchid properly 2 times a week, abundantly, leave it for about an hour to absorb the necessary water, and then remove the water from the plate.

The second situation, in which roots are already rotten, you can still save the plant. Just cut them completely and soak the plant into activated charcoal. Afterwards, the orchid is placed above the soil in the pot to heal the cut roots. Careful! The plant should not be watered!

Image Credits: Orchidbliss

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