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6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Terrarium Problems

Terrariums are supposed to be a houseplant setup with basically no maintenance. However, so many newbies are a little overwhelmed with a terrarium, especially in the first months. Some terrarium problems would be the misty glass or maybe a green sticky substance on the glass. Moreover, sometimes the flowers overgrow the terrarium which makes it harder for the other plants. In other instances, there might also confront with the issue of moldy mush. Thus, in this article, I will give you the answers to all of these problems. Check it out, here you have the most common 6 terrarium problems you can fix right away!

1. Misty glass

well, if the glass is getting misty constantly, there a few tips to take care of this. First off, you should know the glass faces this problem because it is a terrarium. While this is totally normal, when the glass is covered in condensation, you should take off the lid or crack open a vent for a few hours. That way, the glass will clear out. However, you might have to do this for some days until the glass is getting used to it. Furthermore, a quick fix would be moping up the condensation with a soft cloth.

2. Green sticky substance on the glass

If you are facing a green and sticky substance on the glass, that means there are algae setting up home. One method for this would be using an aquarium scraper. If you don’t have one, you could also use an old credit card to remove the algae easily. In the case of a curved glass, the perfect way to remove the green substance is using paper towels or a clean rag.

If you also find there are white streaks, this is the signs of mineral deposits from tap water. Thus, you should use distilled water instead. However, you can wipe up the white streaks with a cloth dampened with lemon juice or vinegar. Then follow up with a cloth dipped in distilled water.

3. The plants are overgrowing

When that happens, first off, you should prune them. Thus, make sure you trim away their leaves carefully. If this would be too much for you, make space for the bigger plants in another spot. You will have more space in the terrarium to add smaller and slower-growing plants.

4. Some plants are bent

When the plants are leaning on one side that means they are growing towards their light source. Thus, all you’ll have to do is turn your terrarium just a little every few days. That way, you will get the same exposure to light for all the plants in the terrarium.

5. There is a moldy mush

Because terrariums have high humidity, unfortunately, this contributes a lot to the development of fungi and mold. Even more, if the terrarium has a lot of plants. Thus, you should get rid of any dying foliage and make sure you always keep the glass clean. If the problem is more serious, empty out the terrarium and start washing the container with hot soapy water. Then, you should rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry. Furthermore, you could also add a layer of activated charcoal below the compost. This has proven to be successful to keep mold away.

6. The problem of rotten roots for succulents and cacti

As you might know, succulents and cacti are the most prone to rotten roots plants. The main problem comes from the watering, if they don’t have enough drainage, the roots will rot. Thus, if the plants are rotting at the base, you should cut them from the healthy section. Then, allow it to callus over, and replant them in a good drainage pot.

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