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The Best 4 Easy-To-Grow Orchids

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I always thought that orchids are impossible to deal with because they can be difficult to grow as indoor plants. However, growing orchids have proved to be quite easy when following a few simple rules. Thus, if you consider the right light, the right amount of water, and if you keep them away from vents, you will grow beautiful orchids in no time. Furthermore, with fertilizer and patience, you can also make the most of their flowers even after they start dropping them. Not to mention, with several species to choose from, they come in different shapes and colors. And their smell, oh, there’s nothing better. Thus, if you want to easily grow flowering orchids as indoor plants, check these out. Keep reading and see my favorite 4 indoor easy-to-grow flowering orchids. You won’t do any wrongs with these!

1. Pansy Orchid

Image Credits: My GARDENING

This type of orchid will enjoy daily mists. Basically, all you have to do is make sure you don’t keep it dry nor wet. Can you see how beautiful it looks? It has amazing flat-faced flowers which gave it the name of Pansy Orchid. Not to mention, its vividly colored petals will definitely make an impression on your guests. Furthermore, it also has a lovely perfume that smells like Hawaii. One dreamy orchid, am I right?

2. Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Image Credits: Currlin

The Lady’s Slipper orchid is another type of flower that will need a little attention. As an indoor plant, it is amazingly easy to take care of it. It needs just a low light, a bark to grow, and humid air. That’s all you need to have a happy and blooming Lady’s Slipper. Watering it once a week is also enough and it will allow its roots to drain completely. With this proper and easy care, you could have this orchid blooming every year in late winter. How amazing is that?

3. Pink Moth Orchid

Image Credits: Petals

This Pink Moth orchid is actually my favorite, its colors are addictive and it smells heavenly. This type of orchid will only need high humidity, which means it will be perfect to have it in your bathroom. However, make sure the bathroom has good air circulation.

If you chose this one, make sure to keep it in its plastic nursery pot, inside a larger decorative container. You can even water it from the faucet, with the room-temperature flow. Just lift out the plastic pot and give its dose. Then, allow the water to drain completely before replacing the orchid in its larger planter. It will be amazingly looking in your bathroom, I feel so relaxed every time I take a bath.

4. White Phalaenopsis Orchid

Image Credits: BloomNation

This is the last but not least type of orchid, the white Phalaenopsis. This is yet another easy to grow orchid, it needs only a bright, diffused light. And you can enjoy its beautiful flowers when they bloom for two or more months. Furthermore, if you want to make an eye-catching floral arrangement, you can even group three in a single container.

There you have them, 4 amazing easy-to-grow as indoor plants orchids. Their flowers are going to revive your rooms and the smell will definitely relax you.

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