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How To Prevent Ticks From Invading Your Garden

Ticks are such a nuisance especially with the summer coming up. We all like to enjoy a warm weather and things are might not go our way. We have ticks to blame for that because their bite is the worst. Not to mention, these little annoying pests also carry diseases. Ticks are mostly responsible for Lyme disease, for any bacterial infection, any parasitic infections or the Powassan virus. I mean, all of these can actually be serious and fatal health issues we shouldn’t have to deal with. Thus, check out these 5 methods to make sure you prevent ticks from invading your garden and keep you and your family safe.

We need to take these precautions seriously because it is our lives we are talking about. Hence, there is no chance you should use any commercial products for this issue, they have even more chemicals. Hence, in my opinion, natural pest control is always best to try out. Here they are:

1. You should always mow the grass

Thus, first off, the most importantly, mow the grass and don’t allow it to grow too tall grass. If the grass is too tall, the ticks are having better chances to hide in there. Hence, always make sure you are keeping the grass short, ticks won’t get into an upkept yard. Furthermore, you should also prune the shrubs to allow more sunlight because damp areas are also their favorite.

2. Get more sunlight than shade

following the lines from the previous method, you should have more sunlight than shade. Thus, make sure you control how much sun your property and garden gets to make sure ticks won’t hide in damp areas. Also, prune the trees and cut any stray limbs is another great tip. That’s how you will maximize the beneficial sunlight for your garden and will cut off the high moisture these pests love!

3. Make sure you don’t have debris or trash in the backyard

Hence, start by removing any source of debris or trash to reduce the ticks’ showing up. These are their favorite conditions because they love decomposing leaves, sticks, and logs. Also, make sure you keep the trash in a locked container. There might be rodents coming into your trash, start digging and these animals also bring the ticks they harbor.

4. Make a barrier

You can easily make a simple barrier along the ground in your garden. A big fence won’t be worth your time, the ticks are pretty small. Instead, you can use sand, wood chips, sawdust or even crushed stone. Lay them down in a thick barrier on the ground around your garden; it is very effective.

5. Keep in mind the benefits of garlic

That’s right, you should use this powerful herb, the garlic. One way would be to plant garlic in your garden as a deterrent. However, making your own DIY garlic spray would be even better. Mince about 4 garlic cloves and mix them with oil, strain the mixture, add a teaspoon of dish soap and two cups of water. Use a spray bottle for the application and start spraying it around your garden. Make a small test beforehand, to check for your plants. Thus, in a small patch, try it out and if you notice yellowing, that means you need to dilute it more with water.

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