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6 Fast-Growing Vegetables For Your Garden

As a gardener, I am always looking for vegetables I can grow fast. Even if it is not recommended to hurry when growing vegetables, it is actually quite a slow process. However, if you find yourself to be as impatient as I am, there are actually some vegetables you can grow quickly. These veggies are especially great for your entire family because it is a more natural process. Here, in this article, you will find the vegetables you actually buy from the store every day. Wouldn’t be better if you benefit fully from their nutrients by growing them in your garden? Check them out, here you have 6 fast-growing vegetables you need in your garden.

1. Arugula

Well, it takes around 21 days for baby greens to grow. Arugula makes for a great salad to grow in your garden. It has such aromatic flavor and a very distinct taste, that adds a lot to any dish. Arugula grows fast and easy from the seeds and you can plant it in just about any environment. Thus, if you have little containers, window planters, or maybe a raised garden bed, arugula is a perfect fast-growing green.

2. Radish

Radish is also exceptional to grow in your garden, it takes only 22 days for 1″ round red roots. Almost all beginners gardeners grow this vegetable because they have a rapid time to harvest. Furthermore, you can actually choose any kind of the varieties because they will thrive either in your garden or pots.

3. Lettuce

The lettuce takes 28 days from seed to table and it comes in two main types. Loose-leaf and headed lettuce. Thus, the headed lettuce could be romaine or iceberg, while loose-leaf lettuce is that salad bowl that grows as a clump of leaves. This is actually the variety that is the easiest to grow. So, whenever you need fast-growing lettuce, you can always go with a loose-leaf variety.

4. Spinach

If you love baby spinach as I do, you will be happy to hear you’ll have it in around 40 days. That’s right, that’s how fast baby spinach grows. We can all acknowledge that it is a wonderful green, giving you the healthy nutrients. Thus, if you are a regular of salads, smoothies or juices, spinach is your fast-growing green you should plant right away. It is an endless source of protein you can have, isn’t that amazing?

5. Long beans

This is another one of my favorite vegetables, long beans. They grow in 50 days and are the staple in most gardens. You can always improve your dishes with long beans, they are extremely versatile in the kitchen. And guess what, they are actually effortless to grow. You should definitely give it a try because there are minimal complications when growing.

6. Snap peas

Last but not least, snap peas will grow so sweet and tasty in just 56 days. These vegetables are actually perfect in the spring because it is one of the first veggies that you can harvest in the year. Give them a try, snap peas are very nutritious and highly versatile in your dishes for the entire family!

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