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Tips & Tricks To Grow Wheatgrass Easily

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Wheatgrass is one of the healthiest greens one could have when going fully with a healthy lifestyle. It is so easy and fun to grow that you will basically won’t realize how quick you can have its nutritional benefits. Especially, if you love making those healthy juices, wheatgrass is the best addition to have in your kitchen. Thus, if you are ready to start growing your own wheatgrass, let’s get to it. Keep reading and see some tips and tricks to grow your wheatgrass easily.

1. What do you need?

Well, that’s where it is simple. All you need is a good drainage container, a potting mix, and some seeds. Hence, you can grow wheatgrass with just that.

2. Planting the wheatgrass

You’ll also be glad to know that wheatgrass is very easy and quick-growing greens. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can have it all year-round, starting it at any time.

3. Sprout before planting

This is a tip that will definitely improve your wheatgrass growth. You can plant it directly into trays, but the results will be better if you sprout it before you plant. Don’t worry, this won’t make it harder and it won’t take up too much time. It is just a much more productive way to harvest your wheatgrass!

Thus, into a bowl, put your wheatgrass seeds and add water to the bowl, about twice to three times. Make sure the temperature is about 60-70° for optimum sprouting and let it soak for 12 hours.

After the seeds are soaked, drain the bowl and rinse the seeds with more water and drain again. Then, make sure you dry the sprouts on a paper towel out of direct sunlight. Repeat the rinse and drain process until you that there are roots starting on your sprouts.

4. Prepare your tray

When you are using potting soil, you should add it to your planting tray and start to moisten it liberally with water. However, make sure you do not get it too wet. That way, you won’t be forming any puddles in the medium.

Then, check to see if the soil is completely wet by pressing it with your finger until you reach the bottom.

Also, do not fill your trays completely with the soil, they just need at least 1/2″ to 1″. This is enough to make room for the roots.

You should also cut to fit in your tray some natural fiber mats. This will help with the hydration so make sure you moisten them just enough. You don’t need to get them too soggy.

5. Planting your wheatgrass

First off, you should be spreading the seeds evenly on the soil. Make sure they are moist before spreading. Then, cover your tray with another tray flipped upside down. This is a very important step when the growth is in its early stages. You want the area to be dark and moist. Also, the tray must have some holes so that the air can circulate in and out easily.

You can place the trays in a low light area with a room temperature. That’s it, you successfully planted the wheatgrass.

Now, for the optimal growth of your wheatgrass, here are some other tips and tricks:

– keep the sprouts in the dark. Then, after 5 days, you can remove that cover and place the tray near a window in bright, indirect light.

– in the early stages, wheatgrass needs around 60 and 75 degrees. When it reaches 1/4″ to 1/2″ in height, it can tolerate lower or hotter temperatures.

– make sure to water it lightly twice a day using a misting bottle.

– for a boost in the growth, you could use liquid kelp in the spray bottle you’re using to water with.

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