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5 Plants You Can Regrow From Your Kitchen Scraps

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When you have too much organic waste at home, it is time to think about what can you do about it practically. Because I have looked everywhere for ideas and find out that I can actually regrow some plants. Isn’t this a great way to benefit from Mother Nature? Thus, before you take out the trash, think about composting or making homemade mulch. Furthermore, you can start a garden with that organic waste. So, gather all your kitchen scraps and keep reading. Here are some of the plants that you can regrow from your kitchen scraps:

1. Ginger

This is not only an absolutely delicious root, but it is a great herbal for various health issues such as inflammation, lung infections or sore throats. Thus, you can benefit a lot from the ginger. Why not regrow it?

Hence, use only a spare piece of fresh ginger root and plant it in the soil. If the buds are facing upward, new shoots and roots will grow in around 7 days. That’s fast and effective in my opinion.

2. Potatoes

Yes, who doesn’t love potatoes in a salad or in the oven? Keep them around for a long time by regrowing them. Simply cut the eyes from your potatoes. Then, let the pieces dry overnight and plant them at a depth of four or five inches. In just a few weeks, you’ll have even more potatoes to cook!

3. Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are an incredible pasta alternative I’ve been eating. You can actually grow your own bean sprouts at home very easily!

Soak a tablespoon of the bean in a jar filled with a few inches of water. After leaving it out overnight, simply drain the water and set the beans in an empty container. Cover the towel and rinse again the next day. Repeat this procedure for a few days, until you notice new sprouts beginning to grow.

4. Celery

Celery gives an amazing flavor for soups, salads, and stuffing. Not to mention, it also is a great veggie stick to dip!

All you need is the white end of the celery. You can leave it in a bowl with warm water in the sun for as much time as possible. Then, you’ll end up with new celery stalks within a week or so. Once the leaves have begun to thicken, it’s time to transplant it into potting soil and let it grow.

5. Avocado

Stop throwing the avocado seed right away. You can use it to grow a whole new fruit, how crazy is that?

Wash the seed and make a toothpick frame in the bottom of a bowl. You need to suspend the seed so that only the bottom inch is covered in water. The rest needs to be exposed to air. Make sure the bowl is placed in a warm place but out of direct sunlight. Then, add more water to ensure that the bottom inch of the seed is covered. Your new avocado plant should sprout in about six weeks. Once your stem reached 6 inches long, trim it down to 3 inches in length. Transplant it once the leaves begin to appear.

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