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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Slugs In Your Garden Naturally

Slugs always show up in gardens, especially if you have planted new veggies or flowers. But, even if they are small, slugs can actually make a lot of damage if they are not taken care of. Furthermore, getting rid of slugs can be a real struggle, it is not that easy. However, going on the route of commercial products might actually harm your garden even more. Not to mention, those store-bought solutions are not also effective so they are basically more harm than benefits. Hence, you should consider organic solutions to eliminate the slugs from your garden. There is also a high variety of non-toxic options so you could definitely work your way to the one that fits. Thus, in this article, you will find 5 of the best natural ways I have used and prove to be working on getting rid of slugs. Keep reading!

1. Diatomaceous Earth

This is highly effective because it is basically an insect dust, and everyone uses it for controlling slugs and snails. Due to its jagged and sharp consistency, diatomaceous earth is perfect for fighting these small creatures. It will scratch their soft bodies and it will leave them dehydrated. Apply it as a powder by sprinkling it around your plants and garden beds.

Furthermore, you could use it as a foliar spray if you mix it up with water.

Hence, make sure you purchase only food grade Diatomaceous Earth which is the safest version to use in your garden. Enjoy its benefits and watch your garden prosper.

2. Coffee

Any caffeine solution would do if you want to eliminate the problem of slugs. Simply spray the coffee solution to the plants and that will keep these pests away from eating at them. However, make sure you are using a higher percentage of caffeine, around 1-2%.

Furthermore, you could also spread some coffee ground onto the soil around your plants. Hence, sprinkle some coffee grounds on top of the soil and the pests will stay away.

3. Seaweed

Seaweed is amazing if you use as a soil amendment. It is a great repellent for these pests because it is salty and they don’t like that. Just mulch seaweed around your flower beds or at the base of your plant. However, make sure to steer it clear from plant stems.

4. Stale Beer

That’s right, stale beer is another great method to apply against slugs. This time, it is because they love it. Hence, stale beer would make a great trap. Simply bury a jar with a little stale beer into the soil and then leave just enough space for the pests to get in. when they crawl inside, they will drown and your garden would be safer.

5. Effective Trap

An even more effective trap when it comes to slug control is using a flowerpot, a grapefruit, and a black plastic. Check it out.

Overturn a flowerpot and keep the grapefruit halves near the plants you find these pests more often. It will make a trap to catch them. The black plastic can be used at night near the affected plants. You will find that the next morning, all slugs will be hiding in there.

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