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How To Stop Hornworm Caterpillars Getting In Your Garden

Hornworms are large and flashy pests that can be relentlessly destructive in the long run. Their destruction will be visible more on the leaves, also causing damage to the fruits, stems, and plants overall. Even though they are big, hornworms can easily hide in a vegetable garden. Because they have a green color, they can easily blend in with the crops and plants they attack. So there will be no surprise to find out they were living in your garden for a long time. The good news is you can prevent a hornworms infestation in your garden with simple but highly effective tips. Check them out down below!

1. First off, always keep an eye out. Thus, whenever you till up your garden soil, check out to see if there are any hornworm larvae. They are like small, brown torpedoes. The easiest method would be to pick them out and then drown them in soapy water.

2. Secondly, make sure your crops are not planted in the same place. Thus, make sure you do crop rotation. This will help you with keeping the hornworms away.

3. Another tip would be to use a black plastic mulch to cover the ground around your plants. This will help block the emergence of the adults from the soil in the springtime.

4. Moreover, spray your plants with a natural spray. Hence, you can make an effective mixture of combining water, cayenne powder, insecticidal soap, and garlic. This will be highly beneficial because it will prevent hornworms from laying eggs on your plants.

5. Another DIY that will keep hornworms away is a trap crop. Thus, make sure you plant a crop of dill because they prefer this plant. They will be attracted to them and it will be easier get rid of them.

6. Introduce beneficial insects. One of the most natural enemies of hornworms is the parasitic wasps. The wasps will lay eggs on their back and after they hatch, the larvae will eat the hornworms. Furthermore, other predators you can use are lacewings or lady-bugs.

Thus, keep these tips in mind and prevent hornworms from wreaking havoc in your garden you worked so hard to maintain.

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