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5 Indoor Plants You Can Grow Without Special Care

You love indoor plants so much but you can’t take care of them. Well, the below list of indoor plants won’t require much time to take of them or too much effort. You just need to purchase them. There are indoor plants that are less expensive and don’t require frequent …

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Eco-Friendly Solutions To Get Rid Of Aphids

To get rid of aphids you can use a lot of chemicals, but why not try an eco-friendly solution? It’s very simply and cheap because you don’t have to mix any ingredients. Just collect some small and cute insects to do this job! Lady bugs are small insects, and their …

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How To Water Indoor Plants While On Vacantion

Indoor plants may wilt when you’re on a holiday, if no one takes care of them. To prevent this to happen, you can call to some simple tricks while you’re away. 1. String method For small plants, you can use the string method. This means to put a string into …

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How To Water Your Plants And Crops During A Heat Wave

Extremely hot weather can be a real enemy for your crops and plants, because they can wilt. The soil will dry excessively, and the roots of plants won’t have with what to feed. That’s why, during heat, you have to pay special attention to plant watering. Vegetables, for example, need …

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