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The Best Method to Grow Seeds Without Soil

The advantage of this method is that we do not need much space. In addition, we will not get dirty and we will save seeds, money and most importantly – time! It is a simple and brilliant method! First you need to cut polyethylene strips (you can also use plastic …

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4 Plants That Keep Mosquitoes and Flies Away

One of the most annoying problems in summer is related to flies or mosquitoes. When nothing seems to work, Mother Nature comes in help: Here’s what plants repeal flies and mosquitoes: 1. BASIL Image Credits: Mommy Potamus Insects hate the smell of basil, which is so strong that become both …

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14 Wonderful Vertical Garden Plans Ideal For Your Home

Here are 15 inspiring and creative vertical gardening ideas and designs that can help you flaunt your offices and homes: Individual cloth packets: Image Credits: Tumblr You can decorate the overall wall by simply placing small and medium sized cloth pouches filled with lovely flowers and plants. It would certainly …

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