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10 Small-Space Urban Gardening Designs

From innovative vertical gardening systems to hanging pots and easy-access planters, these 12 small-space gardening solutions make homegrown produce possible no matter how tiny your outdoor space may be. Easy Access Salad Box Image Credits: Sunset Do you feel like you might be more likely to garden if it weren’t …

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11 Best Urban Outdoor Garden Ideas

Here are 15 gorgeous urban gardens that will inspire you to turn your outdoor situation into a mini botanical paradise. 1. Restful Spaces: Replace a tiny yard with a glass greenhouse and create your own slice of tropical heaven. Image Credits: Bferry 2. Mini Patio: Sometimes, just the simple job …

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10 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy And Beautiful Garden

Experienced gardeners know that it takes a few tricks in order to have beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables. Some of these gardening secrets are making furor among those who want to have reliable results and healthy plants. We are talking about practical solutions that are easy to apply and their …

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Top 10 Most Common Gardening Mistakes

It is believed that these are the most common gardening mistakes. Most come because of inexperience or because of the desire of making plants grow faster. 1. Excessive watering More water does not mean that plants feel better, on the contrary. Water the plants when the soil is dry on …

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