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How To Water Indoor Plants While On Vacantion

Indoor plants may wilt when you’re on a holiday, if no one takes care of them. To prevent this to happen, you can call to some simple tricks while you’re away. 1. String method For small plants, you can use the string method. This means to put a string into …

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9 Best Low Light Houseplants That Are Easy To Grow

Plants that grow in low light are a true miracle for dark rooms where sunlight scarcely reaches. These plants feel great in the shade or in dimly lit places. The beauty of these plants lies not in their flower, but in their very large and highly pigmented leaves. Calathea (Peacok …

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14 Surprising Benefits Of Houseplants On Your Health

Everyone knows that plants are great because they produce oxygen and they create a zen feeling in any environment. But did you know that they reduce stress, they fight diseases, they filter toxic substances from the air and they even get rid of headaches? Read on to find out about …

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6 Tricks To Improve The Life Of Potted Plants

The life of potted plants doesn’t seem very complicated, but there are some simple tricks that can make it easier. The best part of the story is that if you improve the life of potted plants, you will give yourself a helping hand, because their care will be easier. 1. …

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The Best Solutions For Treating Common Orchid Diseases

These are the simplest solutions for treating orchid diseases. Although they seem exotic and exquisite, orchids are very easy to maintain. Those who love them and care for them know that there are solutions to all their problems, and they are very simple and easy to apply. With nearly 25,000 …

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