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How To Protect Your Indoor Succulents During Winter

Succulents have such a miniature stature that it is impossible to not love them. They look beautiful as indoor plants and their swollen leaves will get your guests’ attention. Not to mention, they are stylish and classic plants to have indoor. Unfortunately, many people avoid succulents because they don’t know …

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5 Indoor Plants You Can Grow Without Special Care

You love indoor plants so much but you can’t take care of them. Well, the below list of indoor plants won’t require much time to take of them or too much effort. You just need to purchase them. There are indoor plants that are less expensive and don’t require frequent …

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How To Water Indoor Plants While On Vacantion

Indoor plants may wilt when you’re on a holiday, if no one takes care of them. To prevent this to happen, you can call to some simple tricks while you’re away. 1. String method For small plants, you can use the string method. This means to put a string into …

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14 Surprising Benefits Of Houseplants On Your Health

Everyone knows that plants are great because they produce oxygen and they create a zen feeling in any environment. But did you know that they reduce stress, they fight diseases, they filter toxic substances from the air and they even get rid of headaches? Read on to find out about …

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