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How To Bring Back To Life Orchids With Rotten Rots

Orchid is considered a pretentious plant, especially for those who never have had an orchid, because their roots can rot. Orchids prefer constant temperatures, light and humidity. During the warm period they grow very well. The hardest time to take care of orchids is in the cold period. The plant …

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How To Save A Potted Orchid From Dying

Orchids are some of the best-selling pot flower. Whether you bought it or received it as a gift, you must know that an orchid is not a very pretentious plant but has strict caring rules that must be respected. Often, from the desire of taking care of these plants carefully, …

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How To Get Orchids To Bloom And Re-bloom

Orchids (phalaenopsis) are the last year revelation when it comes to indoor plants. I thought that orchids are fragile and short-life plants, but this until I bought my first orchid and I saw that it lived for months. But after the blossoming ends, how do we produce a new flowering? …

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How To Take Care Of Orchids To Bloom All Year

If someone offered you an orchid or you bought one from the flower store, don’t throw it after the flowers wilted and fallen, and no way try to move it into the ground! These plants need transparent pots and a bark mixture that you find in stores. For a while, …

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